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touch my body!
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GEEK October 2014 march_30th

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Kikwang for Arena Homme | cr: @march_30th
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GEEK October 2014


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suga X kookie [requested by unwoundyehet]
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이열~ 홉이에염 오늘 더쇼 와주신 아미 여러분들 감사합니다!!! 방탄!쇼!년단 캬캬
남은 방송까지 진짜 홧팅!!!! 사진은!!!!! 멋있는 셀카!! 멋있다고해줘ㅛ오오ㅗ오롱오ㅗㅇ로오오오오오오ㅗ옹오ㅗㅇ오ㅗ옹 http://t.co/ry5VSVQHUn

Eeyeol~ I’m hope. Thank you ARMYs who came to today’s The Show!!! Bangtan! Show (so)! Nyeondan kyakya Hwaiting for the rest of the broadcasts!!!! The picture!!! A handsome selca!! Tell me I look goOoooOoooOddddddddddddd

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[ARTICLE] 140923 BTS Debuts as Designer in Collaboration with Swarovski and CeCi Magazine


The 7-member hip-hop boy group BTS can add “designer” to their list of accomplishments as the group has recently made their designer debut through a collaboration with CeCi Magazine and jewelry brand Swarovski.

With the theme of “Boy Meets Girl,” BTS was able to produce a bracelet that expresses the meeting between a boy and a girl through Swarovski. It was revealed that BTS actively participated the design consultation for the bracelet and the group’s leader, Rap Monster, even made the sketch for the design.

Aside from working on the Swarovski bracelet, BTS has also posed in a fashion editorial for CeCi Magazine wherein they rocked the jewelry which includes a crystal from Elements, the premium brand for the finest crystal elements made by Swarovski. Solo photos of Jimin and Jungkook modeling the bracelet were also included.

The special photo shoot as well as the sample of the bracelet designed by BTS can be seen in the 20th anniversary issue of CeCi Magazine this October.



아미 수고해쭁 수고해쭁~ 조심히 들어가슙! 빠빠잉pic.twitter.com/JUHDkImCPA

ARMY you’ve worked hard, you’ve worked hard~ Go back safely-syub! Bba-bbaing (bye-bye)

T/N: He wrote this making everything sound extremely cute. If you heard it you would cringe.

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and the infinite list of secret’s fanboys continues (◡‿◡✿)

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