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Anonymous: Thank you.. thank you.. now I hve more fic to read.. and I love your fic.. the one that suga bcome alzheimer.. I would love to read more angsty bangtan from you 

Hehehe thank you for reading it! :D I would love to write more too now that my long break is here ^-^v

Anonymous: Hey.. can you recc any angst bangtan & beast fic?? 

Hi hi!^^ This is really rare for me to get such message but I would love to! :D


1. All that I’ve left (Junhyung x Seungho) Rare pairing I must say but ITS A SUPER GOOD STORY. REALLY GOOD.

2. Painkiller (Junhyung x Yoseob) Oneshot but very differently written. But I really love it.

3. The Name on Your Arm (Junhyung x Yoseob) A oneshot. Very nice although there are some side otps in it. Not really angsty but not all the fluff either. There’s one Bangtan oneshot that’s similar to this. And that too, I really love :D

4. A Clawing Feeling (Junhyung x Yoseob) A MUST READ. Super angsty and super good. Oneshot so it won’t take much of your time heee~^^

5. My Heart is at War (Junhyung x Yoseob) This story here is real good. But sadly, the author hasn’t updated in like months, so i don’t think she’s going to continue. Still worth the read but not completed. How good it is? Even until months, if the author were to update, I would still be jumping up and down :P


1. Stay with me forever (or maybe just for now) (TaeGi & YoonSeok) I don’t know if this is angsty enough but its really good. This is the one that is similar to JunSeob’s The Name on Your Arm.

2. Two Different Breeds (YoonMin) There’s 3 parts to this. Mix of angst and fluff. I like it that way. Its more realistic :)) Part 2 | Part 3

3. Thanatopsis (YoonMin) Oneshot. If I say something more it might spoil it.

Okay so for Bangtan most that I read is fluff but its not cheesy so I like it. Not so much angst or maybe I’ve just not seen much yet. 

But for Beast I have a ficrecc blog (that i dont update anymore sorry) so you can look there too. For Bangtan, I write my own and all of it is angst coz I don’t knw how to write fluff tbh. So you can check it out if you want here or my AFF :)

Yoseob singing 君が思う以上に (while sick so Junhyung encourages him)

bigbadboii: Chee…se 

Does anyone have any japanese movies or live actions to recommend? I’m like out of movies to watch……

Or any english happy kind of movies….

or french. im not really choosy as long as good story

the rare event of not-lazy yoongi

Evil maknae

a headless teacher instead of a hairless teacher..

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taehyung bein taehyung

jimin on helicopters 

…I’m suddenly craving bananas.

A+ acting.

jealous kookie because he’s not getting attention from his hyungs. trans

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