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It feels like I can’t see it or touch it now, it scares me

Its almost full kekekeke^^ Hopefully theres space fr my ceci

[Fancam] 141018 BTS - 이불킥 (Blanket Kick) (SUGA focus) @ Brave The Red Bullet
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Anonymous: I have a friend. He's a year younger and he looks just like Park Jimin- He's short and has cute tiny eyes and isn't as muscular but is fit. His hair is super soft- Hng. Oh, did I mention that he's Korean and his name is Lee Jimin? ----So obviously, every time I see him, I think "JIMINNIE--" (doesn't help that my bias in BTS is Jiminnie.. _ _||) I feel like a pedophile even though I don't like like him.. He's 16. 

Omggg what are the odds xD I don’t know about you but if were you I would definitely like looking at him all day hahaha :P I feel ya. Jiminie, taehyungie and jungkookie are already younger than me so everytime i look at them in that ‘omg youre so damn hot. why u do this to me T_T’ kinda feeling, yup pedo alert. but nah just liking that person or like looking at that person dont make u a pedo :P but dayumm im really jealous of you. ask him to speak in busan accent to see if its the same kekeke^^

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there’s nothing worse than getting told you’re bad at the only thing you’re good at

Jungkook saying “Noona” ಥ_ಥ


First day of school damn interesting.

I only got one class today and its about this discussing issues kind of thing. I’m like, okay.

And then my tutor asked the million dollar question of the day. “How many of you here is a kpop fan?”

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Q. During the last 5 years, when was the most momerable “Beautiful Night”?

Hoseok grabbed the younger’s arm before he step out of the house. 

"Jimin don’t do this. Please. It’s a deathmatch for goodness sake!" Hoseok pleaded.

"I can do this hyung. I’ve been to so many hardcore wrestlings before this. I’ll come back home tonight.”

2seok struggling to concentrate feat. Jimin’s not at all helpful snoring

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Suga’s motto : I Dont Give a Shit!!!